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My daughter, along with several other children in my Home Daycare, have attended MMPS since September of 2016. My daughter had never been in the care of anyone besides myself since she was born, but with the warm welcome she was given by her teachers, she quickly began to thrive in her new school. She is now entering her third year at MMPS, and looks forward to school every single day. I have seen her grow socially, academically and emotionally, and I know she will be ready for kindergarten next year. I am so grateful for the love and care she has received in her time at MMPS, and I know she will miss them very much next year. Luckily for me, other children in my care will continue to attend MMPS, so I will still get see how this amazing school allows the kids I love to grow and learn. 

- Julie Gray

This is the second year my son has attended MMPS.  We love it!  Working for a child welfare organization; I can certainly identify a loving and nurturing environment and that is exactly what MMPS is!  MMPS displays a level of professionalism that I find hard to find. MMPS teaching staff are a joy to be around and they acknowledge and build on each students’ strengths.  It took my son some time to come out of his shell, but he feels loved and wanted which makes for an ideal learning environment. 

Communication is key! MMPS staff are always available via email and are speedy with their responses.  I receive a monthly newsletter updating our family on what is going on in the classroom including new dramatic play areas as well as letters and numbers of the month.  The classroom themes are always changing as they adapt to the seasons. This provides great excitement for my son as he looks forward to what is next.  The exploration never seems to end. 

I feel confident that my son is getting the best preschool experience around!  Thank you MMPS!

- Natalie Beaulieu

Thank you for such a great first month! My son is learning so much already, and is always excited to tell us about all the fun things he does at school. We very much appreciate everything you do!

- The Gardner Family

As a recent MMPS mom and child therapist, I 100 percent recommend MMPS. The quality of care, education, creativity and respect for students is beyond measure. Both personally and professionally, I was so happy with the social and emotional support, knowledge and compassion the entire staff has. I truly feel as if the preschool is a solid and necessary foundation for early learning and social interactions. I love the focus on all aspects of their approach and especially how they treated and soothed each child (or parent whose new to this) who has shown stress or separation anxiety. You can see every day the positive vibe MMPS reflects as well as how much their hard work, communication and love goes into the entire well being of each child.

-The Bull Family

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