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A Day at MMPS


Circle Time


Circle Time may also provide the opportunity for a game or group activity designed to promote language, reading and number readiness. Children learn to listen while others speak, to develop self-confidence in oral expression, to learn beginning sounds and letters, to strengthen visual skills and to recognize numbers.


Free Play Time


Free Play Time - During free play, your child may choose to build with blocks, make puzzles, dress up, play with trucks, dolls and puppets, do an art project, use the play dough, visit the science, math or writing center, or join others at the water or sand table.

Inside or Outside Gym Time


Gym Time takes us outdoors or indoors to the gym. Here children play active games, use balls, ride tricycles, climb and slide, balance and enjoy trying their skill on the obstacle courses.

Snack Time


Snack provides a chance to talk together and share in setting the table, serving, pouring and cleaning up too. Sometimes snack time includes preparing a special treat.


Creative Expression 


Arts and Crafts we try to develop the basic skills of cutting, coloring, painting and pasting, while encouraging independent creative ability and a beginning knowledge of color, shape, texture and design.



Music and Storytime


Music is more than singing and listening to music. Children use rhythm instruments, march, dance, listen to CDs, play singing games, and do creative movement activities.


Storytime - The children are read to daily and often puppets, flannel boards and dramatization are used to enhance the story. The children also help to write their own stories.


Science and Wonder Time


Science and Wonder Time may mean weighing and measuring, visiting animals, growing plants, taking nature walks, collecting things, using magnets, doing experiments, and exploring the five senses.


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