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After 50+ plus years serving children and families in the community, MMPS is sad to announce that we will be closing the preschool on
October 27, 2022





To foster positive self-concept

To develop social skills

To encourage language development

To enhance physical development and skills

To encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety and nutrition

To further self-help skills

To encourage creative expression and appreciation for arts

To enrich children with literacy and print

To respect cultural diversity

The primary purpose of Mittineague Methodist Community Preschool is to serve the children and families of the community by providing a safe and supportive environment for young children between the ages of 2.9 and 5. The activities and materials offered are specifically selected to promote all aspects of preschooler's growth;emotional, social, physical and intellectual.


Our approach is positive and our hope is to give each child the clear message "I am lovable and capable".

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